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    I remember when I was a kid watching Digimon and saw Patamon do this


    I was like


    A flying pig turns into an armored angel

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  4. Now go, and don’t look back.

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    *tumblr* body positivity!!! everyone’s beautiful. feminism is fantastic! girls should support each other!

    *1 sec later* haha look at that bitch can’t even put on eyeliner right what a fucking disgrace hahaha eww

    ????????? stop

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    “@HistoricalPics: Australian model, Jaqui, 21, watches the first plane hit WTC on 9/11 from her NY apartment. http://twitter.com/HistoricalPics/status/507989105805115393/photo/1”

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    1. me when i first joined tumblr: haha i like your shoelaces!!! superwholockian 4 life! YES let's buy a tumblr island/university/cafe SO MUCH FUN!! DEAN IN SHORTS! supeRNATURAL GIF?!!!
    2. me now: i hate this website it's so embarrassing
    3. -
    4. Well, no. I don't hate this website. But blogs, fandoms, people I once admired turned into embarassing, bad ones, if that's what you wanted to say.
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